You have to stop and take the time to enjoy the breeze, the tastes and the richness of each place that you would otherwise miss.

Since I took up cycling as a hobby, I have realized for the first time, the appeal of what my community has to offer.

To be honest, I never noticed anything special about my community, and where I live.
When I began cycling around, my eyes were opened to the beauty and richness of this pastoral scenery.
Today I rode with some friends from Furano Station to Saika-no-Sato,
the Jet Coaster Road and some other courses that we can recommend to those new at bicycling.

Pastoral landscapes cannot be created only by nature, nor by humans alone.

Early in the morning, we filed out of the tent and headed for the Cloudsea Terrace at Hoshino Resort Tomamu.
A cloudsea can only be seen in the morning or evening when temperature, humidity, wind direction,
and other weather conditions all align.
The odds of a cloudsea forming between May and October is between 30 to 40%.
During the winter, the gondola carries skiers up to the summit at an elevation of 1088 meters.
As the sky began to get lighter, what appeared to be a sea of clouds began to show its face.
An announcement rings out, "Today we have complete cloudsea.
" "Yeah!!" shout the kids as we all give eachother a high five.
While gazing upon this fantastic phenomenon of nature, I was overcome with awe at how mysterious and amazing the earth was.

From flat leisurely roads to fierce undulating roads...

There are flat bike courses easy enough for beginners, as well as fierce undulating courses,
like the Jet Coaster Road, that are perfect for advanced cyclists here in Biei and Furano.
One of the benefits is that there are few stop lights, and little traffic on the road, so you can enjoy a leisurely ride.
The natural BGM of birds chirping, insects making noise and rivers bubbling make for a pleasant atmosphere and riding experience.

You will appreciate the wonderful blessings of the land with every local specialty that you try along your journey.

One of the great things about cycling is that besides getting a feel of the changing seasons, you can stop along the way and taste local specialties.
Of course, everything tastes even better because you are cycling and burning energy.
This time I tried soft serve ice cream made with fresh milk, milked in the morning, and a luxurious Kamifurano pork lunch.
When I got thirsty later, I had carrot juice that was so sweet!
All of these are proud products of my community, and I want to share it with as many people as possible.

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