Set out on an adult journey that goes beyond enjoying the beauty of scenery; a journey that enlightens one on the true meaning of living, and what true wealth is.

The journey opens with a refreshing and leisurely breakfast out on the garden terrace.

Early in the morning, we took the Kitanomine gondola to the garden terrace where the air is clean and fresh, unlike that of the city.
We decided to have the Breakfast Box which is made with generous amounts of Furano ingredients.
The luxury of having a delicious breakfast while taking in the beautiful scenery of Biei, Furano and the clouds that change shape every second, was amazing.
The Tokachidake mountain range showed its rugged face, and the Furano basin below was awash in fall color, announcing the season of harvest.

When thinking of the future, our focus shifts to the environment. Spend time in thought, utilizing all five senses.

Since aging a little had brought us to become more aware of the future and what it holds,
we decided to visit the Furano Shizen Juku, where an experiment to return a golf course back into a rich forest had been conducted,
and tried some of the environmental educational programs.
On the ""Barefoot Road"" where you walk with your eyes closed, you feel not only the temperature of the land,
but even the slightest difference of light, and a realization came over me;
that we are living creatures, the same as animals and insects.

With the danger of our planet in mind, we contemplate our options.

The program which interprets Earth's history of 4.6 billion years to a distance of 460 meters,
shows us shocking evidence of how the Earth's environment, which was shaped over a long period of history,
was rapidly transformed in the short amount of time from when humans entered the picture.
At the same time, it sparked inside of us a sense of impending danger, that if no preventative measure was taken,
the natural environment of earth would continue to deteriorate.
It is up to us humans to restore and protect our natural environment.
With this in mind, together we planted a tree in the ground.

This is what you truly call "fresh picked!" What do you think came to mind when I saw the smile on the person who grew the corn?

The next place we visited was the corn fields,
where we enjoyed white corn on the cob called "Yukino Yosei," which literally means "white fairy." Normally,
one would think of eating corn either boiled or grilled,
so we were very surprised that you could eat it raw!
The next surprise was how sweet the corn was!
It was almost as though you were feasting on a piece of fresh fruit!
Both of us could not hide how amazed we were at the juiciness of the corn.

The luxury of digging your own potato..and then baking it right there in the field.

Our gourmet excursions continued.
We moved to the potato fields where we experienced digging our own potatoes,
where we baked them and enjoyed the piping hot potatoes right there in the middle of the field.
Not only is Furano beautiful, but it is also all about coexisting with nature,
and about how wonderful it is to see how these great products are grown and harvested.
It was as though at this age, we finally were able to appreciate the true meaning of wealth.

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